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Ablis Autoship Program

If you thought ordering Ablis was already easy, wait until it’s automatic. With the time you save, you could find a new favorite trailhead, lube your bike chain, or re-lace your running shoes. Get more from your CBD drink (with less clicking) when you sign up for our autoship program. Looking to manage your current autoshipments? Click Here.

More shipments, more savings

When you sign up for autoship, you can get Ablis products and CBD drinks on your doorstep every two weeks, once a month, or every other month. Your savings are based on shipment frequency.

Boxes of Ablis CBD drinks
Every 2 weeks

20% Off

Boxes of Ablis CBD drinks
Once a month

15% Off

Boxes of Ablis CBD drinks
Every 2 months

10% Off


How it Works

Sign Up

Add any qualifying item to your cart and you’ll see the option to select how often you want it delivered.


Your items will ship automatically every two weeks, 1 month, or 2 months (it’s up to you) after you place your first order.

Switch it up

Need to cancel or pause your subscription? Autoship makes it easy to manage your deliveries.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Do autoship orders qualify for free shipping?
Auto shipments to the contiguous US over $100 will be eligible for free shipping. If delivery on autoship items is staggered so that each order is under $100, shipping costs may apply.
Can I reschedule my order, or have items ship at different times?
Your shipments are totally flexible! You can skip, pause, or cancel any part of your order through our convenient autoship platform.
Is autoship available on wholesale?
Yes! You can schedule frequent shipments based on your personal selling rate and receive a discount. Plus, with better margins due to savings, you can run frequent sales to keep that product moving.
Can I get any Ablis product on autoship?
The only products that are not available for autoship are merch and marketing materials. Everything else qualifies.
Can I get different items on different shipping intervals?
Need your CBD drinks and MCT oil delivered every two weeks, but only want your muscle rub monthly? We’ve made it easy to set up and manage a separate subscription for each shipping interval.
How do I manage my auto-shipments?
Just login to your Ablis CBD account and hit “Subscriptions” to add items, skip a delivery, pause your subscription, or cancel.